Blumont Global Development - COMAC Security Services

Security and Safety Services     27-Aug-2018 1:30 AM     TBD


Blumont, Inc. is seeking proposals from eligible contractors to provide Risk Management Services for Blumont’s Conflict Mitigation Assistance for Civilians (COMAC) a USAID funded program adminis....

RFQ DAI-WIE-KBL-111 Soft Skin Rental Vehicle For Herat

Transportation, Logistics, and Warehousing     12-Aug-2018 4:00 PM     N/A


Rental Soft Skin 5 Seat Compact Car (Toyota Corolla or similar) for Herat Regional Office....

RFQ-110-Printing Of Promotional And Outreach Material For WIE

Printing, Publications and Copying     14-Aug-2018 4:00 PM     N/A


Printing of Promotional and Outreach Material for WIE ....

RFQ 109-Purchasing Of Desktop Computers For WIE Call Center

IT Services, Communications, and Broadcasting     14-Jul-2018 4:00 PM     N/A


Purchasing of Desktop Computers for WIE Call Center....

RFQ 106-Print And Display Of 30 Billboards For WIE Trade Fair In Kabul

Printing, Publications and Copying     13-May-2018 4:00 PM     N/A


Print and display of 30 billboards for WIE's National Trade Fair Event in Kabul....