Provision Of Diesel Fuel For Kandahar Office

Fuel, Coal, Petroleum Products, and Chemicals     28-Sep-2017 4:00 PM     N/A


Delivery of L 62 Turkmenistan or equivalent diesel to WIE Kandahar office....

DSLR Camera For Photography And Videography

Computers, Electronics, Copiers, and Printers     11-Aug-2017 4:00 PM     0


Procurement of DSLR Camera and Accessories....

Driver Services For Herat Regional Office

Vehicles and Transport Equipment     08-Aug-2017 4:00 PM     0


The Supplier shall provide the driver services to the Promote: Women in the Economy Regional Office in Herat province which include driver, fuel, maintenance and other necessary services. The provided....

International Freight Service

Vehicles and Transport Equipment     22-May-2017 4:00 PM     Not specified


International Shipping Service....

Smart And Simple Phones For DAI/WIE

Computers, Electronics, Copiers, and Printers     03-May-2017 4:00 PM     0.00


DAI is implementing the USAID funded Women in the Economy (WIE) project across the five major population centers in the regional economic zones of Afghanistan, with program operations for these region....