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RFQ DAI-WIE-KBL-169 Provision of Internet Services


Bidding Ends: 09-Jun-2019 4:00 PM
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Category / Sub Category: General Business Services / IT Services, Communications, and Broadcasting
Internal Bid Ref: N/A
Internal ICQ Ref: N/A
Type of Solicitation: Request for Quotation
Contract Type: Fixed Price Contracts
Estimated Budget: N/A
Delivery Timeframe: 12 Months
Location(s): Kabul, Balkh, Herat
Bidding Starts: 23-May-2019 2:45 PM
Bidding Ends: 09-Jun-2019 4:00 PM
Discussion Ends: 02-Jun-2019 12:00 PM
Current Status: Close Bids


Provision of Internet Services for Kabul HQ and Three (3) Regional Offices


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1- Kumar (S): Dear DAI-WIE Team, 1. Please provide complete addresses or GPS Co-ordinates of the Locations to check Line of Sight availability. 2. Please confirm if a Total of 5 Public IP addresses are required or 5 Public Addresses are required per Site. 3. Will DAI accept IPv6 Public IP Addresses. Regards, Kumar Saurabh Mobile:- +93-700802602    31-May-2019 5:04 PM

2- procurement (B): Answer 1- Due to security reasons we are not providing the GPS Co-ordinates for our locations. but, all our offices are located in the center of each province. which are having clear line of side. Answer 2- We Require 5 Public IP addresses per site. (5 for Kabul, 5 for Herat, and 5 for Mazar), Answer 3- No, we are not accepting IPv6. we are using IP v4. Except Afghanbids Discussion Board, No question will be answered through email or phone call.    02-Jun-2019 8:44 AM

3- Noor (S): Dear Sir/ Madam, in the attachment B on Page 8 of the RFQ document, Point number 9 and 12 are not clear. I request you to please explain these point further. Regards Noor    02-Jun-2019 1:13 PM

4- procurement (B): 9. Public IP addresses which are starting with the network subnet of 202.X.X.X are blocking the VPN connection that we are using for the intratnet among DAI offices. That is the reason why we are not using this range of network subnet 12. Mechanism for bandwidth sharing, Means how the vendor configure their DNS settings, what DNS are they using, Global or company owned one. In addition to this A full diagram of the ISP Network will be also acceptable.    02-Jun-2019 2:26 PM

Buyer Info

Organization: DAI-WIE
Phone: 0785876997
Street: Shash Darak Pharmacy Road
City: Kabul
Province: Kabul
Country: Afghanistan


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