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ACEBA - Provision of MBA Corps Services


Bidding Ends: 16-Dec-2020 4:00 PM
Views: 684
Category / Sub Category: Project Design and Implementation / Private Enterprise Development
Internal Bid Ref: KBL-008-DAI-ACEBA
Internal ICQ Ref: KBL-008-DAI-ACEBA
Type of Solicitation: Request for Proposal
Contract Type: IQC / IDIQ
Estimated Budget: TBD
Delivery Timeframe: 1 Months
Location(s): Multiple
Bidding Starts: 17-Nov-2020 4:00 PM
Bidding Ends: 16-Dec-2020 4:00 PM
Discussion Ends: 05-Dec-2020 4:00 AM
Current Status: Awarded
Company: MgtWell Consulting Services


DAI, the implementer of the USAID-funded Afghanistan Competitiveness of Export-Oriented Businesses Activity (ACEBA), invites qualified offerors to submit proposals to supply and deliver MBA Corps Services in support of program implementation.


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1- Sanzar (S): Can we have an idea of which provinces the 48 businesses will be located in? exact locations will help us come up with precise budget estimates.    18-Nov-2020 3:38 PM

ACEBADCOP (B): As the client businesses that will benefit from the MBA Corps activity are not screened and prioritized, we are unable to give exact locations. The target value chain sectors--cashmere, carpets, natural stone, gemstones and jewelry, and saffron--are concentrated in certain provinces which should give Offerors some sense of the regions where MBA Corps services will be deployed.    19-Nov-2020 11:23 AM

2- Sayed Khalid (B): The RFP, 2.5: Eligibility Requirements, stated "proposals are being solicited from local firms and GOs operating in Afghanistan. Offerors must have valid Afghan business licenses..." is a U.S. - based consulting firm, registered in Afghanistan eligible for this opportunity?    20-Nov-2020 9:45 PM

ACEBADCOP (B): Yes, true, the US firm can apply but needs to be registered in Afghanistan.    21-Nov-2020 11:03 AM

3- Sanzar (S): Can you confirm the units of measurement in the business client support table (component 2) on page 21? It says 72 and 288 months for mentors and finance graduates, respectively.    21-Nov-2020 11:22 AM

ACEBADCOP (B): Confirming that the unit of measurement are months as follows: - 4 mentors x 18 months = 72 months of mentor effort; - 16 MBA graduates x 18 months = 288 months of MBA graduates effort.    21-Nov-2020 3:36 PM

4- Sanzar (S): Will DAI/ACEBA provide office space for the four mentors in their assigned regions?    21-Nov-2020 1:45 PM

ACEBADCOP (B): As described in the Statement of Work, mentors will spend most of their time working with MBA graduates in the offices of client businesses. Therefore, mentors will not have designated offices at DAI/ACEBA regional offices, however, mentors will liaise with DAI/ACEBA staff on an ongoing basis and may work from desks and access internet from ACEBA regional offices as required.    21-Nov-2020 3:39 PM

5- Sanzar (S): Your answer to number 3 (above) implies that ACEBA needs 16 MBA graduates. On page 22 of the RFP, it says "Upon approval of the MBA graduate selection plan, select the 20 best MBA graduates and submit their CVs to DAI/ACEBA’s Business Enabling Environment Advisor for approval." Does this mean that ACEBA will choose 16 from the 20 CVs we provide?    22-Nov-2020 2:55 PM

ACEBADCOP (B): Yes, that is correct.    23-Nov-2020 5:05 PM

6- Sanzar (S): Page 9 of the RFP states that "In the final PDF proposal copy, please make sure you separate the technical and cost proposals by one blank page and that you do NOT include any cost information in the technical portion." However, the cover letter template given in Attachment B of the RFP (page 19) asks bidders to put information regarding cost. Can you please clarify this?    22-Nov-2020 3:00 PM

ACEBADCOP (B): Yes, since you re submitting one document for Technical and Cost proposals please submit both of them but separate them by the blank page.    23-Nov-2020 5:11 PM

7- Sadiq (S): Is it an assumption for ACEBA that the business development service provider will keep the 16 MBAs in payroll for the duration of 18 months of component 2 and place them in business as required by task order? Or hire them only for the duration of the task order?    30-Nov-2020 10:08 AM

ACEBADCOP (B): The Subcontractor shall maintain the staffing profile proposed under Component 1 for the life of the subcontract. As shown in the RFP, no costs for MBA graduates should be included in Component 1. It is up to the discretion of the Subcontractor to determine how best to engage MBA graduates needed for task orders issued under Component 2 so graduates are available within the time frames specified in the RFP.    03-Dec-2020 1:30 PM

8- Sadiq (S): Is there a market study/assessment of the 5 target value chains of ACEBA and will be available for use by the selected business development firm during the MBA corps project?    30-Nov-2020 10:13 AM

ACEBADCOP (B): The ACEBA project will provide ongoing technical information related to the 5 target value chains over the course of the MBA Corps activity.    03-Dec-2020 1:38 PM

9- Sadiq (S): ACEBA has developed an "Export Acceleration Guide", will the guide be available for use by the selected business development service provider during the MBA Corps project?    30-Nov-2020 10:20 AM

ACEBADCOP (B): The Export Acceleration Guide will be available to the business development service provider during the MBA Corps project.    03-Dec-2020 1:36 PM

10- Ali (S): Are NGOs eligible to apply?    01-Dec-2020 2:33 PM

ACEBADCOP (B): Please refer to RFP Section 2.5 Eligibility requirements on page 6 where it is noted that NGOs operating in Afghanistan are eligible to apply.    01-Dec-2020 2:54 PM

Buyer Info

Organization: DAI ACEBA
Phone: +93798225414
Street: Kabul, Afghanistan
City: Kabul
Province: Kabul
Country: Afghanistan


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