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Bidding Ends: 07-Mar-2024 11:00 AM
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Category / Sub Category: Industry Specific and Technical Services / Other Professional Technical Activities
Type of Solicitation: Annual Program Statement (Grants)
Contract Type: Grant
Estimated Budget: $5,000,000.00
Delivery Timeframe: 1 Years
Location(s): Multiple
Bidding Starts: 12-Nov-2023 11:30 AM
Bidding Ends: 07-Mar-2024 11:00 AM
Discussion Ends: 07-Mar-2024 11:00 AM
Current Status: Close Bids


The purpose of this Annual Program Statement (APS) is to solicit applications for funding. DAI, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking concept papers first, and then full applications from prospective partners to implement activities that will enhance the competitiveness of Afghan export-oriented businesses and create sustainable economic growth in targeted value chains. These activities will contribute to expanding export revenue and/or to job creation/livelihoods. The geographic focus under consideration is Afghanistan, nation-wide. DAI on behalf of USAID anticipates awarding approximately 40 grants to fund successful applications submitted in response to this APS. Competition for this APS will be open for one year. Concept Papers will be received and reviewed on a rolling basis until ACEBA grant funds are fully obligated. The length of the awards will typically be up to one (1) year. The total amount of funding currently available for this APS is approximately USD 5 million. DAI may choose to fully fund or incrementally fund the selected application(s). Concept notes will be considered for targeted export product value chains including carpets, cashmere, saffron, private sector production of essential goods and services (agribusinesses, food processing, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, private medical services) that can achieve sustainable sales growth and contribute to jobs and livelihoods creation. Concepts that support


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1- Wahid Ahmad Agha (S): If there is any clarification regarding this project it will be more helpful for the bidder to get informed or to get shared with.    20-Nov-2023 10:40 AM

ACEBADCOP (B): Dear Wahid Ahmad Agha, The APS is translated in Pashto and Dari language for further clarification and understanding, attached with this APS. Please, if you have any question, send it to mentioned email address in the APS.    26-Nov-2023 1:19 PM

2- Nangialay (B): Hello Dear Madam/Sir In the Workforce Development: Saffron and other non-perishable foods including Dried Fruits, Nuts, and Spices part, do the Saffron Production companies have to apply to get grants, or NGOs can apply to help various Saffron Production companies according to their proposed innovative approaches?    20-Feb-2024 1:04 PM

Buyer Info

Organization: DAI ACEBA
Phone: +93798225414
Street: Kabul, Afghanistan
City: Kabul
Province: Kabul
Country: Afghanistan


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