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Three minutes video production


Bidding Ends: 24-Jan-2017 4:00 PM
Views: 1084
Category / Sub Category: General Business Services / Graphic Design, Multimedia, and Advertising
Internal Bid Ref: RFQ DAI-Promote: Women in the Economy-KBL-060
Type of Solicitation: Request for Proposal
Contract Type: Fixed Price Contracts
Estimated Budget: Less than $10,000
Delivery Timeframe: 3 Weeks
Location(s): Kabul
Bidding Starts: 11-Jan-2017 10:00 PM
Bidding Ends: 24-Jan-2017 4:00 PM
Discussion Ends: 23-Jan-2017 4:00 PM
Current Status: Close Bids


DAI is implementing the USAID funded Women in the Economy (WIE) project across the five major population centers in the regional economic zones of Afghanistan, with program operations for these regions based in Kabul, Herat, Mazar, Jalalabad and Kandahar. The objective of the project is to enable Afghan women to increase their participation in the mainstream, formal economy. DAI/Promote: Women in The Economy wishes to purchase the following services. Please provide proposal for the services you offer which meet the requirements described


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Buyer Info

Organization: DAI-WIE
Phone: 0785876997
Street: Shash Darak Pharmacy Road
City: Kabul
Province: Kabul
Country: Afghanistan


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