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Logistics and Administration Support for Job Readiness Training (JRT)


Bidding Ends: 02-Feb-2017 4:00 PM
Views: 1147
Category / Sub Category: General Business Services / Human Resources, Staffing, Training
Internal Bid Ref: KBL-016-DAI-WIE
Type of Solicitation: Request for Proposal
Contract Type: Fixed Price Contracts
Estimated Budget: Not Sure / Depends on Proposals
Delivery Timeframe: 5 Months
Location(s): Kabul
Bidding Starts: 19-Jan-2017 10:00 PM
Bidding Ends: 02-Feb-2017 4:00 PM
Discussion Ends: 31-Jan-2017 4:00 PM
Current Status: Close Bids


DAI is implementing the USAID funded Women in the Economy (WIE) project across the five major population centers in the regional economic zones of Afghanistan, with program operations for these regions based in Kabul, Herat, Mazar, Jalalabad and Kandahar. The objective of the project is to enable Afghan women to increase their participation in the mainstream, formal economy. DAI/Promote: Women in The Economy wishes to purchase the following services. Please provide proposal for the services you offer which meet the requirements described


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1- Zaitoon (S): Can an NGO apply for it. PESDO is registered with ministry of economy.    25-Jan-2017 9:48 AM

AWLEprocurement (B): Yes, NGOs can apply for this opportunity as well.    01-Feb-2017 1:29 PM

2- Masood (S): - Can you kindly extend the bid submission deadline for another 2 days until Feb 4. 1600 hours? - What if the WIE hired staff/trainer leaves the project; who hires the replacement? - Would trainers be AWLE staff just supported by the contractor or they will be contractor’s staff managed by the contractor? What’s the role of AWLE? - We see this a year long contract or more. Is it possible for AWLE to process advance payments for contractor and balances that at the month once all invoices and deliverables are submitted to them? - Can we joint venture with another local firm for better reach? Of course, only the prime contractor will sign the contract and responsible to AWLE for reporting and etc. - Who do you want to pay for the payroll charges of trainers; AWLE, trainer or the contractor? (About 200 AFA applies to process each payroll) - We believe printing of material and handbooks are the responsibility of AWLE and not the contractor? Kindly confirm. - We believe in-class stationary (flip chart, markers, sticky notes etc.) is the responsibility of contractor? Kindly confirm. - Who is responsible for the print and display of AWLE related banners and communications material if any? - Who covers the trainers per diem and lodging?    29-Jan-2017 11:55 AM

AWLEprocurement (B): 1. Unfortunately the opportunity closing date and time will not be extended. 2. WIE will recommend/introduce the replacement of trainers who will be leaving. 3. The trainers will be contractor's staff and will be managed by contractor. 4. There will be no advance payment under this contract. 5. WIE does not have problem with joint venture as mentioned above. 6. The trainers' payroll will be processed by contractor and they can propose a fixed fee for transferring. 7. WIE will provide the handbooks. 8. Vendor is responsible for all other expenses. 9. WIE will provide the wall banners and popup banners if required. 10. Contractor is responsible for trainers' per diem and lodging.    01-Feb-2017 1:42 PM

3- Masood (S): Is the trainer salary AFA 6,700 per entire delivery or per day? Is this salary Gross or net?    31-Jan-2017 12:27 PM

AWLEprocurement (B): AFN 6,700 is the trainer's salary for conducting of one training which is 5 days and that is net.    01-Feb-2017 1:31 PM

4- Masood (S): Who pays salary tax for trainers? trainer himself, contractor or AWLE?    31-Jan-2017 12:27 PM

AWLEprocurement (B): Answer to question number 1: The selected subcontractor will be responsible for trainers' Salary tax payments.    01-Feb-2017 9:48 AM

Buyer Info

Organization: DAI-WIE
Phone: 0785876997
Street: Shash Darak Pharmacy Road
City: Kabul
Province: Kabul
Country: Afghanistan


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