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N/A     0093789252115     Kabul/Afghanistan


We are a food and beverage production and processing company which focus mostly on export-oriented and import substitute products. ...

Afghanistan Legal and Social Development Organization

N/A     0781337333     Street # 10 old Taimani, Kabul Afghanistan /Afghanistan


Afghanistan Legal and Social Development Organization (ALSDO) About us: Afghanistan Legal and Social Development Organization (ALSDO) is a non profit, non political and it is independent, impartial...

Hami Afghan Community Support Organization (HACSO)

N/A     0093779999300     Kabul/Afghanistan


Its Non-profit, Non-governmental NGO. Registered with ministry of economic (202012/08) with Reg:5092. Working in women empowerments, environment, education, water supply, agriculture and construction....

helal stone extraction and processing company

N/A     0093787574283     kabul/Afghanistan


helal stone company establish in 1999,work in both extraction and processing of stones....

Koh-i-Noor Foulad

N/A     0093700275905     Kabul Afghanistan/Afghanistan


Koh-i-Noor Foulad (KNF) founded in 1991 comprises of highly skilled rehabilitation Project Managers, Engineers and field Operations Personnel who are highly experienced Afghan engineers, education, ag...