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Baradarn Romal Adil     0093774752342     Kabul/Afghanistan


Baradaran Romal Adil is a multifaceted logistics company specializing in the transportation, distribution, and warehousing of a diverse range of products, including carpet weaving and animal feed. Our...

Kabul Semorgh Logistic Services LTD     0780331002     Kabul/Afghanistan


Kabul Semorgh Logistic Services Company was established in September 2018 to provide the most sufficient logistic services across Afghanistan. We are a privately owned company, headquartered in Kabul ...

Ofoq Aabi Logistic Services Company

N/A     0093795207979     kabul/Afghanistan


We are a Logistic Services company , and we are able to do all logistic services...

Amazon WZR Logistic Company

N/A     0093789708073     Kabul/Afghanistan


Amazon WZR Logistic Company was established in 2018. ...

Royal Swift Logistic & Supply Services     93748104477     Kabul/Afghanistan


Royal Swift Logistic and Supply Services is a dynamic company committed to delivering a comprehensive array of products and services in the logistics and transportation sector. Our core mission is to ...