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IT Services, Communications, and Broadcasting     11-Mar-2020 4:00 PM     TBD


Internet Service Provision for Kabul HQ and Five (5) Regional Offices....

RFP 048 Entrepreneurship Toolkit (Dastyar) Rollout Training

Human Resources, Staffing, Training     16-Jun-2019 4:00 PM     N/A


Entrepreneurship Toolkit (Dastyar) Rollout....

RFQ-163-Provision Of Lunch And Refreshment For TTP In Kandahar

Food and Beverage Services, Catering     24-Mar-2019 4:00 PM     N/A


Provision of Lunch and Refreshments for Teacher Training Participants in Kandahar, 30 March 2019 through 11 April 2019 ....

RFQ 154-Supply Of Diesel Fuel For Kandahar Regional Office

Transportation, Logistics, and Warehousing     26-Jan-2019 4:00 PM     N/A


Provision of Diesel Fuel for Promote: WIE Kandahar Regional Office ....

RFQ-153-Provision Of Generator Maintenance Services For WIE

Repair and Maintenance for Generators, Pumps, and other Electrical     02-Feb-2019 4:00 PM     N/A


Provision of Generators Maintenance Services for WIE Kabul and Regional Office....